Car Dealership Security Solutions

Car dealerships house some of the most expensive inventory of any retail operation. Vehicles worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars are on display, in parking lots, and ready to drive at any time. Employees have access to car keys and parts at all times. Customers are encouraged to take the inventory off the property for test drives. How can you ensure loss prevention or fire or false slip-and-fall claims in these situations? Fortunately, you have a partner in protection.

Sonitrol is the third largest commercial security provider in North America—and the verified leader in electronic security. Our unique verified audio detection and verified video deliver comprehensive projection for your dealership, with low false alarms, lightening-quick police response, and the highest apprehension rate in the industry. Our integrated suite of security solutions includes audio intrusion detection, managed access control, video surveillance, fire detection, and 24/7 monitoring by trained professionals.

Whether you have a single dealership or a regional chain, our modular, scalable designs make it easy protect your business today and meet your needs as your business grows.

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Detection Systems and Cameras
That Meet Today’s Security Challenges

Your security challenges have changed. Our systems meet the needs of businesses confronting today’s threats. Criminals understand how traditional alarms work. One out of four forced entries nationally is by means other than doors and windows, circumventing conventional perimeter protection. Sonitrol’s audio sensors provide complete coverage for a facility and our operators are expert sound analysts who can often detect threatening activity before someone gets inside. Our systems catch criminals.

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