Our Monitoring Station

Verified Response

Sonitrol’s responsive monitoring framework guarantees better results and faster police response times.

More Focused Monitoring

With fewer accounts per monitoring operator, 80% fewer assigned accounts than the national average, our monitoring personnel focus on your facility and respond immediately to any threat.

Fast Action

Sonitrol is approved for use in verified response municipalities, which means police respond 400% faster to a Sonitrol-verified alarm. Police arrive on the scene an average of eight minutes after a Sonitrol alert, versus 17 minutes for a private security guard call and 45 minutes for nonverified alarms.

Real-time response

Sonitrol’s audio and video based alerts allow us to assess a false alarm, confirm an alert, dispatch police, and give real-time information to officers responding to your incident or classify it as a non-dispatchable false alarm.

Better Response

With one apprehension every 111 minutes, a Sonitrol system is your best defense against loss or damage. We have the best apprehension rate in the industry—and the fewest dispatches for false alarms. We are very proud of this and our world class monitoring center helps us maintain the honor.



  • Exceptional Customer Service

  • Complete Burglary/Security system monitoring

  • UL listed Fire alarm and Sprinkler system monitoring

  • Remote Video monitoring

  • Supervisory monitoring (Hold-up, Temperature, Elevator, Mechanical)

Sonitrol: The sound choice in security

Whether you're a doctor's office, a clinic or community hospital, or a health care organization with multiple facilities, Sonitrol is uniquely positioned to meet your needs. We've worked with healthcare facilities for more than 50 years. We cover North America with national resources, as well as strong local support and knowledge. And we're the verified leader in electronic security.

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