Pawn Shop Security Solutions

Protect your shop against multiple threats

Pawn shops are often the target for robberies because there is a high concentration of valuable goods and a lot of money in a small area. Thieves know they can enter, take plenty of goods or cash, leave before the authorities arrive, and not get caught.

Pawn shop security systems need to be robust and comprehensive to ensure your goods and staff are protected at all times. Sonitrol provides security solutions for pawn shops, including CCTV, intrusion alarms, Verified Audio Intrusion Detection, access control, and fire detection. Keep your business safe by protecting your customers’ products and your cash flow.

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Detection Systems and Cameras
That Meet Today’s Security Challenges

Your security challenges have changed. Our systems meet the needs of businesses confronting today’s threats. Criminals understand how traditional alarms work. One out of four forced entries nationally is by means other than doors and windows, circumventing conventional perimeter protection. Sonitrol’s audio sensors provide complete coverage for a facility and our operators are expert sound analysts who can often detect threatening activity before someone gets inside. Our systems catch criminals.

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