Engineered by Experts

SHELTER is designed and manufactured by BEST—a company well known for stringent quality and reliable mechanical hardware. What really distinguishes this security solution is that it was developed with input from teachers, administrators and others responsible for managing a building and its occupants in an emergency. Many have firsthand experience with lockdown situations.

Easy Installation

SHELTER is perfect for new school buildings as well as retrofitting existing facilities. Hardware easily installs in standard door preps (no wiring), and the key fob is simple to use and operate. Long-term maintenance is also stress-free with SHELTER performing self-diagnostics on a regular basis to generate reports and notify schools of any needed service.

Cost-Effective Customization

SHELTER gives schools the operability of a high-end centralized network, without the hefty expense. SHELTER can be programmed to respond to different types of security breaches and can be modified as building use and traffic evolve over time.

Naitonwide Support

SHELTER is supported by a nationwide network of security specialists who can help configure it to respond exactly the way your school needs in a lockdown emergency.


Schools require a new kind of response to security.
School security is one of the greatest responsibilities facing administrators, teachers and community leaders today. With incidents rising at an alarming rate, schools have become one of the highest at-risk environments for live shooters and violence.


As a complete lockdown solution, SHELTER brings together code-compliant hardware and proven technologies in a unique way to help schools secure safe spaces within the walls of their building.
Shelter-Enabled Hardware

Specific hardware can be enrolled on your SHELTER 900 MHz secure wireless network to quickly lock doors via a fob. BEST offers the SHELTERenabled 9KX cylindrical lock equipped with both classroom and storeroom functionality. A door can be locked/unlocked manually at your discretion, or locked down from the fob so that the outside lever is rigid and requires a key to retract the latch for entry. Likewise, electrified exit devices, like the PRECISION Apex 2000 Series, can be connected to a SHELTER repeater. This allows the outside trim to be locked/unlocked remotely to enable lockdown, while always ensuring free egress.

Cloud Based Software

With a web-based portal, school administrators and security officers can configure the system from any web browser, wherever they are. The software allows you to configure a fob to lock down one door, an entire wing or the whole facility. In addition, you can use the software to view self-diagnostic test reports and send email/text notifications for lockdown status changes and self-diagnostic results.

Gateway and Repeaters

At the core of the SHELTER system is a gateway that sends signals to each door lock to initiate lockdown. Plugged into a UPS or power supply with battery back-up, the SHELTER gateway doesn’t require an Internet connection to initiate lockdown. This alleviates any concerns that your network must be operational during the most critical times. With a 400-foot range,* the gateway can be paired with up to seven repeaters to extend the signal range throughout a building. Additionally, with assistance from your integration resource, the SHELTER repeater can be configured to send a relay signal to your pre-installed access control system, allowing communication with first responders.