Warehouse & Distribution Centre Security Solutions

Traditional security systems are limited by the size and layout of a warehouse or distribution centre. Even with multiple motion sensors to protect each door, aisle or row of goods, vulnerabilities still exist in the ceilings and walls—increasingly popular entry points for would-be thieves.

You need constant protection 24/7, but security guards are expensive and can be unreliable. A robust and effective distribution and warehouse security system can ensure your staff, equipment, and products are kept safe at all times.

Using our unique verified audio detection technology, one Sonitrol sensor can cover 5,000 square feet. Strategically placed audio sensors provide floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall coverage—ideal for distribution centers of any size.

Distribution and warehousing facilities are very large, our verified audio and video sensors can help police pinpoint the location of unwanted intruders in live time. Contact one of our sales associates to learn how Sonitrol can protect your facility with a verified security system.

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Tailored for Warehouse and Distribution Facilities

The leader in verified electronic security, Sonitrol has a program specifically tailored to meet the needs of warehouses and distribution centers. Using our patented audio detection process, dispatches for false alarms are greatly reduced.

Our modular, fully integrated solution can include verified audio intrusion detection, managed access control, verified video surveillance, fire detection, and 24/7 central station monitoring by trained professionals. Our web-based mySonitrol.net service lets you access all of your key security functions from a standard web browser with a single log-in. And we offer the best guarantees in the business.

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